Minimizy.com exists for very simple reasons. To inspire as many people as possible to live a less cluttered lifestyle through a focus on great Minimalist Decor ideas and images. Minimalism has been helping people declutter their living areas and their minds in the process. Through omitting all that is not necessary, one is left with a laser focus on all that does matter in life. In this modern world of information overload where data constantly comes at us from multiple sources simultaneously, such simplicity is refreshing and uplifting.

On this website you will find pages relating to different parts of the home and living experience. Each represents an invitation to each visitor to be inspired to change this part of their world for the simpler. Here are just four of the key areas represented within this site.

Minimalist Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we rest and where we heal. It is the first place that we should look to make uncluttered and simple. Imagine waking up and seeing calmness, simplicity, space around you. Imagine how good it would be to start the day in this way, not to mention the better nights sleep you would get when this vision of peace was the last thing you saw before you turned out the light. Visit the Minimalist Bedroom page for more ideas about what a minimalist bedroom could look like


Minimalist Living Room

Aside from the bedroom, the next place you are going to spend a lot of time in is your living room. This is the next space to get organized so that you may be surrounded in an environment that promotes peace and calmness. Arguing and stress will seem somehow inappropriate in a Minimalist Living Room if it is done right. Minimizy.com has a page devoted to the Minimalist Living Room which you are welcome to visit for ideas and inspiration.


Minimalist Bathroom

Many people will tell you that some of their best thinking happens in the bathroom. It is a place where we relax and have time to ourselves that is undisturbed. It makes sense that this time would be in an environment that promotes calm and clarity of thought. This way the thinking will be of an even higher quality, the rest and release that much more satisfying. Have a look at some great Minimalist Bathroom designs and ideas on our website.


Minimalist Kitchen

This is the room where we prepare that which sustains us, our food. Many people believe that the energy with which food is prepared and created is transferred into the food and through into the consumer. Food prepared with peace, harmony and love in the heart of the chef will taste that much better and be much better for us. A Minimalist Kitchen design promotes these feelings in those who work within it’s confines. Be inspired with several of the leading Minimalist Kitchen designs by visiting that page on our website.

Next Steps

You can hopefully see how a home designed with Minimalist Decor principles is a healthier home, one that promotes well-being in those who live in it. Take a look at the other content relating to this subject that can be found both on and via this website. Start with one room at a time. Maybe the first step is to declutter the room and design that you have currently. Then, as time and budget allows, transform your home into the sanctuary you always wanted.


Photos from jingdianjiaju1 and designmilk