The bathroom is maybe the one place in your world where you can be guaranteed some alone time. Some peace and quiet. It becomes a place to reflect as we go about our personal business and many will say that their best thinking happens in the bathroom, whether standing, seating or laying down. It makes sense then that we would want to aid these thoughts by making the environment of the bathroom as conducive to clear and healthy thinking as possible. That is what a Minimalist Bathroom design seeks to achieve. Take a moment to look at the below designs and think about how you might want your bathroom to look.

This bathroom is a great example of minimalist design. There are straight bold lines as the walls and cabinet create layers. The color palette is well within the white-grey-black realm that is associated with minimalism. There is a complete absence of unnecessary clutter which in turn makes the space seem bigger. Finally, the light through the blinds emphasizes the peace of this minimalist bathroom design.


This second design is probably my personal favorite of the four on this page. Whilst the white-grey-black color palette is in evidence, it is the wooden floor, wall and ceiling that serve to add a rustic flavor to this minimalist designed bathroom. The bench top and basin area are simplistic and stylish and the mirror adds the illusion of space. The highlight of course is the ability to shower with the door open (great for ventilation) and observe greenery (great for the mind) whilst still maintaining your modesty/privacy. This is a shower area where fantastic ideas will be conceived and a shower will feel especially cleansing.


This third example of the Minimalist Bathroom is striking for its use of a grey marbled look decor to invoke a sense of style and simplicity. Again there is a minimum of clutter and the white bath and sink offset the grey shelves, walls and floors. The skylight allows natural light to enter what is an otherwise concealed room. The shower head coming from the ceiling will give the sensation of rain and will accommodate all but the tallest of people without fuss.


Once again we see the use of white, black and wood to create a minimalist bathroom that has a touch of rustic mixed in with the minimalist base. Aside from the carefully placed books there is a minimum of clutter and the walls offer geometric shapes to break up the otherwise solid black. The shower area and the main bathroom are demarcated by the change from black to white, creating the strong contrast often associated with minimalist design.


I hope you got some great ideas for your next bathroom project and will chose a Minimalist Bathroom design to promote peace and harmony for those using the bathroom.