Our bedroom is our sanctuary. It tends to be where we start the day and where we finish the day. Our bedroom is the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing that we see at night. It therefore influences the first and last thoughts we have in any given day. It is therefore important to have a bedroom that promotes healthy stress-free thoughts and peaceful nights sleep. This is what the minimalist bedroom design strives for.

Below are some examples of minimalist bedroom designs.

One of the items that you will see in the vast majority of minimalist designed bedrooms is a platform bed. A solid base with clean smooth square lines supports an equally simple mattress. In this photo you can see this bed and the open space that surrounds it. This bed has a headboard which is not a strong hallmark of the overall minimalist style, but it does complement the base nicely. The fake wall provides a subtle contrast and hides the sleeping area from the busier closet area. Tones are woods and greys to promote calmness and connection to nature.


This bedroom continues on with similar themes as the first bedroom. We see the limited color palette that is a feature of many minimalist rooms. Black, white and grey tend to feature heavily as well as the natural wood colors that we see in these two bedrooms. Also notice the complete lack of unnecessary items, save for the ornamental bird on the bedside table that may be used to promote feelings of calm and connection to nature. There are not an excessive amount of throws or additional pillows on the bed; less is more when it comes to the minimalist bedroom design.

Of all the bedroom designs on this page, it is perhaps this one that takes my breath away the most. We can see the clean lines, limited color palette, no clutter features of a standard minimalist bedroom design. But the wall decal on an otherwise neutral colored wall is an amazing addition that transforms the room from good to spectacular. And to this point, wall decorations are not banned in a minimalist design, but they have to add calmness and serenity to the space and be balanced as well. This silhouette of a tree does all this and more.

We had to end with this bedroom as it is perhaps the most perfectly minimalist bedroom we have seen to date. The features are so minimal that you could imagine being in it would almost seem other worldly. The overriding presence of white is almost ethereal and pure at the same time. The black mattress provides the balance, the yang to the yin and almost becomes the color feature of the room. The absence of a platform for the bed is atypical of minimalist design but almost takes the concept to a new level. The slightly odd shaped ornaments in the corner add further to the purity and space inspired feel of this room.

With these designs in mind, think about how you could pursue a minimalist design in your bedroom.