The Kitchen is the place where we prepare food to provide energy to our body and mind and to those of the people we love. People can sense food that has been prepared with good energy (love, passion) or bad energy (stress, anger) and therefore what we prepare in our kitchen is influenced by the mindset of those doing the food preparation. Give the best chance for the best energy meals by employing Minimalist Kitchen Decor and Design principles. The peace and harmony such a kitchen provides will infuse itself into the food you prepare and the bodies of those who eat it. Take inspiration from the following kitchen designs and think about how you could employ aspects in your own kitchen.


This kitchen design focuses heavily on the white color to promote a sense of pristine simplicity. The black pots, oven and wall work to contrast with the white to create interest in the room. All containers are stored away in cupboards that do not have handles (i.e. push to open and close) which further points to Minimalist Kitchen design principles being employed here.


This unique kitchen design focuses on the main kitchen functions being hosted in an island unit within the room which has a magnificent natural backdrop with the floor to ceiling windows. The black utility island contrasts to with wooden color floor and ceiling to show a slight variety to the most common of minimalist color palettes. Even the tree trunks outside seem to support the bold dark straight lines that are trendy in minimalist design patterns.


Similar to the prior kitchen setup, this design differs by having the oven and cooking elements within a white wall/cupboard setup. Wooden floors offset the black utility island unit and once again we have a fantastic view through floor to ceiling windows.


This last kitchen setup has a sharp sophisticated feel with the black walls and cupboard. The color along with the minimal amount of clutter marks this is a minimalist kitchen design. Black light fittings on a white ceiling further confirm this and the plant gives the whole room a splash of life and color to invigorate the occupants.


I hope that you have found that these minimalist kitchen designs give you some ideas about the color scheme and storage solutions you will use in your minimalist designed kitchen.