The Living Room is where we tend to spend the most time during the day when we are in our house. It is also the place where we are most likely to entertain guests should they visit. It is often the centerpiece of the home. Therefore it is essential that this room be made to reflect what you desire most in life. For many that is peace, simplicity and control. A minimalist designed living room communicates just that and makes a powerful statement to both your own subconscious and the minds of those who visit that this is not a place for chaos or confusion to reign.

Take a look at the following Living Room designs for Minimalist Living Room ideas and inspiration.

One of the first things that you notice about this living room is that the classic minimalist colors of white and black have been used stylistically with an emphasis on the white. This gives the room a pure, spacious feel which promotes a peaceful feeling. There is a minimum of clutter with all ornaments having a function. The wall decal is simplistic with strong edges. The table and the lamp and the couch show strong edges as well, softened by the roundness of the foot stool and vase on the table. The small fluffy rug further serves to bring balance to this Minimalist Living Room design.


This Minimalist Living Room utilizes the black and grey color palette to create a sophisticated trendy look which still has unnecessary clutter. This is all set against the white background of the walls. Even the books which one might feel are just left lying around are there due to their strong edged effect and coordination with the color theme. Once again we see the strong edges of the couch and the table and the books offset in part by the plant holder. The plant itself has strong straight lines but adds the greenery to give the room some life.


With this third design we see a different approach again. Along with the white/black/grey color palette, another common theme in minimalist design is the use of natural wooden colors. This Minimalist Living Room Design uses a combination of off-white walls and wooden floors to frame this design. Other from the strong lines also found in minimalism decor (the couch, the photo frames, the TV, the cabinets etc.) the wonderful feature of this room is the floor to ceiling window at the end. The strong black lines of the window frames offset the couch and photo frames beautifully and the vision of outdoors adds to the sense of space and calm that are features of a well designed minimalist living room.


This last design that we will look at is another great example of the minimalist color palette, enlivened with the use of simple plants. Strong clean lines and the white walls are hallmarks of the Minimalist Living Room. The black table and fireplace are used to complement the abundance of white used in this room. The low hanging lights are possibly the most interesting feature of this living room. One can imagine the warm light that they would cast which promotes the feeling of well-being in this living space. The lowest hanging light strategically has the table underneath to help avoid collision incidents. The grey floor and marble grey rug finish off this beautiful minimalist living room.


Hopefully these wonderful living spaces have given you some inspiration and guidance on how to create your own Minimalist Living Room.